When you or a loved one depends upon a wheelchair for mobility, it is imperative that the right product is chosen. The right wheelchair makes a tremendous difference in the life of the individual using it, and adds comfort and ease to the day. When you’re purchasing custom wheelchairs usa, it is vital that you first understand the types of wheelchairs that you can pick from.

Manual wheelchairs are the basic wheelchair style with two small wheels in front, and two larger wheels on the back. This is the most commonly used style of wheelchair available. These chairs are pushed manually, either by someone behind the chair or the person using the chair, using the rubberize grips affixed to the wheels. They’re available in assorted sizes, with various features and functions.

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Fixed frame and folding frame custom chairs are also available for individuals who need a wheelchair. These chairs are made for individuals who depend upon a wheelchair full-time. Each wheelchair design is lightweight and compact. Fixed-frame chairs do not collapse as their counterparts do, though this is the biggest difference noted between the two models.

Sport wheelchairs are available for those who demand the greatest in maneuverability in their chair. They’re easy to use, comfortable, and durable. The chairs are used by individuals participating in various sports, including basketball and hockey.

These wheelchair styles are just some of the many that can make it easier to get around. Each wheelchair style also has its own features to consider before purchase, such as padded seating, tilt features, beverage holders, and more. Choosing the right wheelchair is important, so make sure the time is taken to consider the options, pros and cons, etc. before investing your money. It is a small price to pay for such great results.